How we can help

  • We will focus on aligning enterprise mission-critical initiatives to corporate strategy and business plan, focusing on quality delivery, efficiency and time to market
  • We will constantly be engaged with senior management to understand the dynamics of the organization and priorities, and provide input to set priorities and make
  • We will help in positioning to be adaptable and to manage through change rapidly and having the ability to deliver
  • We will help in identifying and leveraging existing resources, experiences, expertise, processes and tools
  • We will help align and understand people, processes, systems to meet business strategic objectives and delivery
  • We look beyond project plans, time lines, action items to see the best approach that makes deliverables materialize
  • We will help build a culture of adherence to standards, repeatable processes and best practices

Business Strategy

  • Determine costs, capital, and operating budgets
  • Set goals / expectations related to project payback / return
  • Orchestrate and prioritize projects across business lines, departments, and systems

Engagement & Communication

  • Continuously engage senior management and stake holders
  • Define roles and responsibilities of all involved parties
  • Ensure collaborative, centralized, and effective communication

Methodology & Structure

  • Establish structured approach and repeatable processes
  • Define scope and manage change
  • Assure quality through effective testing

Project Life Cycle Management

  • Adapt project governance structure to program needs
  • Provide status reporting and issue escalation
  • Plan and support all stages from inception to implementation / roll out

Consulting Services

  • Portfolio Management
  • Program Management
  • Project Management
  • Risk Management
  • Change Management
  • Configuration Management
  • Content Management
  • Infrastructure Management
  • Test Management

Critical focus areas 

  • Business Strategy
  • Engagement & Communication
  • Methodology & Structure
  • Project Life Cycle Management
  • Formal Programs
  • Transparency
  • Consistency
  • Clear communication
  • Focus on ROI
  • Centralization